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So, official Doctor Who Tumblr.

I made up an answerphone/answering machine recording for Eleven’s TARDIS a while ago and a lot of people would love it if Matt Smith could record it, and since you’re, you know, official and all, I figured you’d be my best bet of actually getting it done. No pressure or anything, though. I’m sure the Doctor Who cast and crew are in over their heads already, but here it is anyway just in case:

"Ah! Yes! Hello, you’ve reached— is this thing on? *tap tap tap against recording device* RORY! DOES THE RED LIGHT MEAN IT’S WORKING? YES? THANKS, MATE! Ah, yes, sorry about that, where was I? Oh, right, you’ve reached the Doctor. It’s just the Doctor. If you’re looking for a medical doctor you’ve dialed the wrong number in the yellow pages, and if you’re looking for Dr McCoy…. wrong book entirely, mate. So, yes, I’m not available right now, or at least the right now you’re making the call, which is actually kind of funny because the TARDIS usually redirects calls to the appropriate time channel to avoid things like this, but I’ve missed a few lately (which is why I’m recording this, actually) so, well! Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey… something big must be going down! How exciting! Anyway! Leave a message at the beep and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible in the future, or perhaps in the past depending on when you are in correlation to when I am, and oh! And don’t forget: bow ties are——- *BEEEEEEP*”

It would be a pretty awesome thing.

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