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Dear Doctor Who Fandom,

If I see one more person hate on Amy for “ruining their relationship”, or anything similar like “Rory didn’t deserve her anyway” and “she had it coming” I am literally going to explode.

It’s okay to be upset. It’s not okay to put all of the blame of your upset on Amy when you don’t know what happened just because you like Rory better. Simply put:

  • Yes, Amy signed the divorce papers. But Rory is the one who got them in the first place, he is the one who actively sought her out to sign them, and he had to sign them too. 
  • Yes, Amy was pretty callous, more callous IMO than Rory. But that doesn’t mean Rory was all butterflies and rainbows either. 
  • In today’s episode of Pond Life, they both seemed angry, and they both seemed upset. 

Maybe the divorce was primarily Amy’s fault. Maybe it was primarily Rory’s fault. Maybe it was both of their faults, and maybe it wasn’t because of either of them at all (this is Doctor Who, after all- pretty much anything you can imagine could be responsible for it).

But a divorce still takes two people to complete it. So please. Please, please, please, please, if you’re going to criticise one of the characters for it, criticise the other, too. 

Thank you, and enjoy the season premiere tomorrow. I know I will.

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